Background of the Business

Situated in the rich eastern border town of Mutare, is Manica Boards & Doors (PVT) Ltd the country’s sole manufacturer of world class quality fibreboard branded “Zimtex”. Established over two decades ago, the factory produces 40 000 cubic metres of quality hardboard per annum and other various related board products.

The manufacturing plant produces board from the renewable resource, eucalyptus timber, which is grown in abundance, and natured in the region’s forests. The fibreboard is hardboard produced from timber which has been reduced to ligno-cellulose fibres, wet-felted and hot pressed. The production process utilizes latest techniques which capitalise on the natural bonding agents already present in the wood thereby eliminating the need for artificial bonding materials. No other chemicals are used in the process making Zimtex safe and completely non toxic material. The product is thus strong and environmentally friendly.

Vision statement

To be the leading producer and marketer of boards, doors and related wood based products in the region.

Mission Statement

To contribute positively to the success of our customers on the domestic and regional African market through the processing, manufacture and supply of competitive and innovative timber and forestry based products to the furniture, building and construction and allied industries.

To be a good corporate citizen, providing our shareholders with competitive returns, our employees with safe, challenging, professional and rewarding work experience and environment, and contributing positively to the success of our suppliers and other strategic business partners.


  • We pride ourselves in producing marketable, competitively priced products.
  • We know the purpose of our business and our individual and team roles in enhancing long term competitiveness and profitability.
  • We are constantly hands on, result driven people.
  • We are credible to our stakeholders.
  • We are inspired, efficient, effective and entrepreneurial


Key success Factors

  • Technology
  • Skills
  • Product Quality
  • Competitive cost producer
  • Capacity utilisation


To guarantee continuity, the organisation embarked on a raw material strategy that emphasizes securing and renewability of the timber resource by working with out-growers and major timber growers in Manicaland Province.

The business integrated forward with a Value Addition line that produces Zimtex Faced Doors, Zimtex Faced Blockboard, Supatex and Chair Seats and Backs. Manica Boards & Doors is the largest producer of doors in Zimbabwe with a wide variety of quality doors which include hollow core, semi solid and solid core for both interior and exterior applications. Manica Boards also produces a fire resistant door, the FIREX 60 MINUTE FIRE DOOR that meets building regulation requirements for public buildings.

Our Shareholders